Everything You Know About Amazons New Kindle Oasis And Its Reviews

Did you check out Amazon’s brand new Kindle Oasis backed up with various surprising benefits? If not, this is must to do for all novice and tech savvy people who always keep Kindle with them all the time for quick access anywhere and anytime.


Kindle Oasis is not all about an e-book reader only, even this is best for multitude of functionalities, you always wanted to have. Yes, this innovative and best of all e-book reader will also act like a tablet which can help in streaming videos, playing MP3s, supporting all sorts of apps, and perform other various tasks. Coming to this newly launched Kindle Oasis look, it is so slimmer (306 mm thick) and more compact than any other. Undoubtedly, it looks so attractive, give new look and feel, they have ever used before. From its screen to its overall appearance, thinnest side and everything else makes it so cool and far different from others. Also, we shouldn’t forget that it is much lighter than others, thus, can easily take anywhere and hold it up to various hours without any strain or pain.


Amazons new Kindle Oasis review also says that it is very much different and cool than others, however, it is must to buy. Didn’t convinced much? Well, have a quick look on its other various benefits which makes it better than others. Here they are-


Apart from its amazing look and feather light weight, coming to its screen, it displays high resolution 1448x1072 and has 300ppi E Ink Carta Screen. With the help of the diffract light supports in reducing glare from strong lighting, thus, one can expect reading in any kind of lighting conditions. However, take it anywhere in the brightest sunny light and easily use it up without any hassle. Its screen is readable in any kind of weather condition, thus, best to use everywhere.


Next, new kindle oasis review in terms with its battery life says that it is not better or quite good as the previous version of the same. But, don’t be disappointed as it will last up to two weeks, which is the best time for all. Also, it is built up with extra battery so that Kindle can easily be used for extended use, thus, no worries of battery at all. Aside this, it is highly protective and very strong in eliminating all sorts of threats. Its cover won’t only protect your device, especially its screen, even it puts your Kindle Oasis in the sleep mode when you close it or not using for a long time to save your battery.


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